Brewshack are Gideon, Jon and Ollie— a group of brewing buddies. What started as hit and hope in a little terrace kitchen is now an obsessively time consuming distraction from the world at large.

We worked closely with Brewshack to craft a visual identity which really summed up the experimental nature of their operation. Brewshack create an incredibly high frequency of unique and varied small run brews—they resurrect and refine old recipes, test new flavour combinations and tweak and manipulate proven ones. But despite creating this mass of concoctions, it’s not about quantity, it’s about creating that perfect magical beer which is unlike anything you’ve tasted before— and that means brewing lots!

The visual language of Brewshack is based around a way of logging and identifying this multitude of varying batches. A unique coloured label is assigned to each batch and covers the lid of the bottle. Is it a summery, fresh, fruity saison? Or is it a deep, intense, coffee flavoured porter? This colour represents that flavour profile. A tint of black (from 0-100—100 being dark, 0 being light) is then chosen for each label giving an indication of how light/dark the beer is. This combination allows for each bottle to be quickly identified or easily chosen based on the drinkers desired preference.

The ‘A’ in the logotype has been designed as a ‘shack’ shape, which can also be used as a stand alone secondary logo. A cut out as the label wraps around the bottle creates this shack shape using negative space. Alongside the logotype, shack, ‘hops’ and ‘grain’ icons, we also created a small hallmark symbol which is a rendering of Brewshack’s unique mash paddle which was made especially for them based on the design of vintage paddles.