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About Us

We craft captivating brands for creators and innovators.

Studio Contents is a design and branding agency. A husband and wife team we design and build brands for organisations of varying size. Most importantly, we like to work with companies and people that inspire us— creators, innovators and industry leaders. We think that this allows us to get enthused with the needs of business’, putting us in a great position to help. We are specialists in design and branding; various kinds of software development; motion graphics and film.

We believe in collaboration, whether that be working closely with our clients during the creative process or bringing in specialist creative talent where needed: Inspiration, collaboration and participation. This integral, collaborative, discovery process, paired with our creative experience enables us to build the coherent, relevant and beautiful brands that we do.

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Ask us questions, suggest a collaboration or just say hello via twitter here: @studiocontents. Look at our Instagram feed here: @studiocontents. You can also read our posts here on Medium or via our LinkedIn.

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